Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Saga of the Run Away Rooster.

Life has been pretty busy around our home. Hubby has been extremely busy with work, and I've been busy with sewing stuff. But this entry is about chickens, and one in particular.

To set the story: We moved all of our adult chickens into the same area so that we could move the teenagers from the pool to the A-Frame coop, and the babies into the swimming pool. We moved them on the 5th, and one of the Dark Cornish Roosters and Casanova began fighting. We let it go, (because they have to reestablish pecking order), until Casanova gave up. We didn't want Casanova to get pecked to death, so we broke them up. Well, later in the day the Dark Cornish flew the coop, and parked himself by the A-Frame coop. Come Tuesday morning we couldn't find him, and it went on for a few days. We figured he was so distraught that he ran away from home, or got eaten by a critter. On Thursday late-afternoon, Hubby noticed that he was back. But he refused to sleep inside the coop and opted for under it instead. After a week of sleeping under the coop and avoiding the other chickens, the critters got the best of him and we found him dead Tuesday (13th) morning. The moral of the story: Play nice and sleep inside!

Here are some pictures of the chickens that I took last week. They aren't too exciting, but I'm posting them anyway.Casanova, Blonde, and one of the Dark Cornish Hens.Chickens everywhere. They can fly so, some of the hens get out of their area during the day to eat the grass. Usually it's Blonde, and a few of the other hens.Here are most of the teenagers in their new home. They do pretty good in there. Big Red is starting to crow a little, so it's fun to watch him be the Alpha Chicken.
That's all for now, back to the grind, lots to do and not enough time to do it.