Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What else but Baby Chickens? - Day 17 & 18

Since we get so excited about new life my post for today is about chickens. Yesterday evening all the babies decided that going swimming in their drinking water was a good idea. Well, doing so caused too much humidity in the incubator that they weren't drying off. So we pilled them into my shirt and I sat on the couch with them to keep them warm and hopefully soak up some of the water. When they were dry we put them in a new, clean, dry box and set the heat lamp on them. They were so tired from being wet, that they were falling asleep standing up. I took a cute video of them, and also noticed that one of them backed into the corner and just put it's head back. So I have a video clip, and some picture for today.
This is the cutest picture I've taken in a long time. I was so funny and sad all at the same time.This is a picture of the smallest and largest of the chicks. The smallest (we think) is a Dark Cornish and Fred mix, and the largest is a Rhode Island Red.Here is the basket of eggs waiting to go in the incubator. We are going to wait about a week before we put them in. There are about 16 from our Buff Orpington that are mixed with Rhode Island Red, and then a bunch of Dark Cornish. The incubator holds about 36 eggs, so that will be our next round and we'll go from there.