Monday, August 31, 2009

One of those Weeks - Day 24-31

It's been one of those weeks. Both Hubby and I have been sick all week, so blogging wasn't on the top of my list. But feeling slightly better today, and it being the last day of the month, I thought I'd put in a run down of my week. Although we've been sick, we've still had to get a lot of things done.We moved the baby chicks out to the swimming pool in the storage building. They were really starting to stink up the house. We also put in another round of 42 eggs in the incubator. They should be done in a couple more weeks. And by that time the current round will be hitting their ugly stage. They've already started to get their wing feathers. They are still cute and fuzzy though.We are in the process of replacing all our tires. They have gone bad and are dangerous to drive on. Hubby was great at the research thing and found the original brand that came with the car.Well, it happened again. I got a hankerin and cut off all my hair. I was hanging at a friends house while Hubby was in meetings, and we decided to chop off my hair. I think she did an amazing job. It's the shortest I've ever had it, but I totally love it. I've been doing a little sewing this week. I made this dance bag for the studio that opened last week. It was a pain to do this new pattern, so I think I'll try something different for the next one.The fuzzy babies were being cute one day, and I remembered that I haven't been taking any pictures of them. This one is of Desi. I was just trying to get her whole head, but she wanted to investigate the camera. You can really see her poor crossed eyes in this picture. They aren't that bad when she's not looking at something so close.Here is Duke. He loves chewing on his rubber toys. He just holds them in his mouth and chews like he's got bubble gum in there. It's kind of funny.This is the last picture. I took it this morning of the sweet corn we have that is probably ready to eat. It reminded me of all the things that have to get done this week, because we have company coming.
I'm off to get the house cleaned. I just have to breath and take it a little at a time.