Friday, August 21, 2009

Normal Stuff - Day 19, 20, 21

The last few days have been kind of uneventful. I'm okay with that. Just trying to get stuff done, and keeping afloat. The babies are doing well, they are happy, chirpy, little things. We are going to move them out to the building today or tomorrow, mostly because they smell. The other chickens are doing well. This morning was kind of frantic. I couldn't find Blondie, our last Buff Orpington, and there were broken eggs in the run. Well, I searched around the property, and then finally I decided to go into the run and look inside the coop. She was in the back where I couldn't see here, and she was very broody (Yippie for that). She wasn't too excited about getting her picture taken. Here are the pictures for today and the last few days.Here is Blondie laying on her eggs, giving me the stink eye. Hopefully she'll stay broody, and we'll have her raise the next batch of eggs.Here is a picture that Brent took the other night of the babies sleeping. He came and got me to find the camera, and creeped in to capture this cute moment.We planted some black sunflower seeds and the flowers have popped up. The flowers are nearly as tall as I am. You can also see Duke in the background eating plants.