Monday, August 10, 2009

More Photography - Day 9 & 10

I didn't get a chance to put a picture up for yesterday, so I'll do today's as well. I still have a bunch from the friends house from last week, so here they are:This one has two blue dragon flys mixed into the brown and gray brush. This was in the same rock retaining wall from the last batch, but I found this one purple rock with some plant fossils in it.
I've been doing okay on my 30 day challenge. It's turned out that I'm more doing at least one of the things on my list each day instead of doing them all every day. Hubby and I are working together on the dinner at home. Yesterday I had a small pork roast in the crock pot all day, I made some cheesy potatoes, and Hubby did some rolls. Hubby was all lip smacking, and groans of satisfaction. Getting that type of reaction helps with my confidence. I think we are doing some left overs, but I'm going to revamp the pork.