Sunday, August 16, 2009

Surprises! - Day 15 & 16

I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday, and the reason is, that my wonderful friends surprised me with a party at the lake. They knew I was suspicious around my birthday (a month ago), so they did it this month. It was so awesome! I didn't know anything until Monday, when someone said something about me going to have a great weekend, and I didn't even know what I was doing for the weekend, let alone this person (that I was aware of). The Hubby was totally in on it and used his skills to trick me, but I totally love him for it. The girls took me to the lake, we got on a boat, went to one of the coves, had some luau food, and a cake that looked like a roast pig, swam in the lake, drove back to the dock, swam more, and went home happy and tired. Here are some pictures of the event.This was our picnic area, we had coconut chicken, rice, and tropical fruit.This is the awesome cake. It was white inside, because they didn't want it to be too weird. I just love marshmallow fondant.These are the awesome trees on the beach.This is the view from the boat as we drove back to the dock. I love that my camera can take pictures like this.This is one of the many coves along the lake.
Another surprise: Hubby woke up this morning and heard bird sounds. At first he thought a bird had gotten into the house, but he eventually realized that the noise was coming from our kitchen table where we've had the chicken incubator for the last almost three weeks. He found three chicks. By the time we got home from church we had six, and as I write this we have nine, and one is still working on it's shell. We are so excited. They are all Dark Cornish. We have another batch waiting to go in that will be mostly Orpington/Rhode Island Red cross. It's so fun to see stuff work that we've never done before. Here are some pictures of a few of the chicks. They are still in the incubator for a couple more days.This is one of the first ones from this morning.This is a dry one and a freshly hatched one. They are so sad looking when they are first out.
I'll keep updated pictures and posts as we move along the whole chick raising process.