Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Remembering the Past - Day 11

I haven't had a chance or inspiration to take any new pictures, so I looked through some old ones, and thought I'd share some of the fuzzy babies when they were new, little, and still cute.This was Desi when I first got her (June 2002). She was so cute, white, and very playful. She weighed about 4 pounds.This is Desi on the LovSac at the house we rented in Arizona. She loved that thing (until the dog got to it).This is Desi in one of the many family basements we lived in while we were in Utah. She liked to sit in the window and soak in the sun.Here is Duke the day we got him (March 2, 2008). He was so cute, and very little. He was smaller than Desi at that time. You can see Brent started him off at a lap dog, and it hasn't changed even though he's now over 50 lbs.This was after the Ice storm we had last year. At first Duke wasn't sure of the snow, but once he decided it wouldn't bite him back, he loves to play in it.This is one of my all time favorite shots of Duke. He learned how to sit, and was really good at it. I think he was about 5 months in this picture.
Well, that's my reminiscing of the past. Back to the future, and watching Duke roll around the floor with a piece of cardboard in his mouth. And Desi is watching him very intently.
I got another bag sewn together and the forth one cut out. I'm planning on getting it sew together tomorrow. I'll post pictures when I get them all done.