Saturday, August 1, 2009

30 Days of [blank]!

I was reading this great blog called The Pioneer Woman and I found another link to another blog (that I cannot remember and I closed the window), but she had an interesting concept. Do something for thirty days straight, because that's how you make habits. Having a lot of things change in my personal/emotional/spiritual/mental life the last couple of weeks, I want to take on this challenge. My next quest was to find something, just one thing, to do for the next 30 days, that I could sustain. Here are some of my ideas that ran through my head:

  • Journaling - I want to record more how I'm feeling at this wonderful time in my life, with so many things changing and happening.
  • Photography - I've really gotten into this fun hobby and want to continue to find all the fascinating, abstract things in this world around me with my camera.
  • Sewing - I know I already do a fair amount of sewing, but not as much as I should (too many projects and ideas, and not enough motivation).
  • Exercising - With over coming my physical boundaries (at least knowing I can do it) in Nauvoo, I know that I can do something like this, and I definitely need to get into shape for my future babies.
  • Cooking/Cleaning/Housekeeping - We have an addition to fast food, because it's easy, and we have good memories associated with those types of restaurants. Plus we are lazy, and are really good at justifying it. I am great at procrastinating doing my dishes because I hate doing them.
I think I've come to a great compromise because I cannot decided on just one to do. I think I'm going to do all of them with the exception of a couple things. I think I'll save the exercise and sewing for just the weekdays, and everything else will be daily. For those of you that read this, you can comment on my goings on, because I'll try and keep an update on what I've been up to. And I'm really good with being motivated if people expect it from me.
So for today I have done some photography, as in I got some pictures printed, and framed, and all that is left is hanging them on my wall. I'm going to get the dishes done, and garbage out as soon as I'm done writing this. And I'll count this as my journaling, because I've got to get my laundry put away as well. Please feel free to keep track of me, and comment on my progress. And for those of you who need a little motivation, I put this challenge out to you as well. Try and be a better you.