Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When it Rains, it Pours!

Last week we had a bunch of rain storms accompanied by lots of lightening. Well, yesterday the hubby went to get something from the deep freeze outside, and nothing was frozen. The temperature read 67 inside our freezer. He searched for the problem. The GFIC plug had been tripped by the electrical storms, which cut power to our freezer. Needless to say, we lost everything! It's just so frustrating to work hard at getting a supply, then have it taken away in one fail swoop. Last night as a family activity (plus it's trash day), we sadly pulled all the rotten food from our warm freezer and filled up our garbage can, and bleached out the freezer. I think the sadest part was trowing away the 8 pounds of bacon. Hubby loves bacon, and this made me so sad to loose it. We probably lost about $400-$500 worth of food. Guess we know what we're getting for Christmas this year. The things we are trying to take away from this experience is to not take for granted our food storage, and we'll be more organized at replacing and storing new stuff.
Other sad news: I really freaking hate racoons! We have been very dilligent in locking up the chickens every night, even if we are going to be gone at dark, we lock them up before we leave. Hubby went out this morning to let them loose and found two dead and one injured. The three that died were all hens from the larger coop (the one we thought completely inpenertible.) He woke me up to help him. We lost one of the buff orpingtons, a rhode island red, and the injured one was Henryette (our last layer), and Hubby had to put her down because her wound would not have healed. We think the sneaky critters managed to get the lid open on the nesting box. We hopefully have fixed that problem, we'll see.
We looked around at the other chickens to do a head count and found a couple still in the tractor. Upon further inspection we found 8 little eggs. We think two of the dark cornish are laying. We are going to try and incubate them, because with the active roosters we think they might be ferterlized. I guess we'll find out in a week or so when it comes time to candle the eggs.The eggs are nearly 2 inches long and about 1 1/2 wide. We'll see what we get.


Rebecca said...

Wow, that sucks! If you have good homeowners insurance and a low deductible, they might cover the loss of food. Still, what a pain! I'm sorry about the chickens too. That is so sad.

Woody said...

OUCH! I knew I didn't have gfci receptacles where our freezer is plugged in but I checked anyway. On top of all that coons too...Thankfully our dogs are good at keeping predators away from the coop. I just have to remember to keep them out of the coop too. They are very good at killing, just not very adapt at knowing the difference between predator and egg layers.

Elaine said...

So sorry about your chickens! When I was growing up we had constant problems with raccoons going after our chickens too. Those little hands just keep working until they figure out how to get in.
Hope you have better luck in the future.