Monday, July 20, 2009

Under Pressure

Today was the day that I had to do some canning. And of course the recipe that I found for all my tomatoes, peppers, and onions, was one that required the use of the pressure caner instead of just water bathing. I've been putting off using the pressure caner because I'm afraid of it. You only hear all the horror stories, and not the success stories. Well, I'm here to attest that it's easier that I thought it would be. After hours of cutting up 2 pounds of peppers, 15 pounds of tomatoes, and 1 pound of onions (thank heavens for the food processor on these). It was a great learning experience. Now I know that I can pressure can if I need to. And 7 hours later justifies spending the $0.79 for a can of Rottella instead of taking the time for homemade. I will do it if we cannot get to the store, but until then, $0.79 is well spent. So I turned 18 pounds of food into 11 pints of canned yumminess.
.The finished product. I canned 8 pints, freezing 2 pints, and using one tomorrow for dinner.