Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tomaters, and Chickens, and Sewing: Oh My!

Our tomatoes have been coming in. I've been out twice this week and have picked over 20 pounds so far, and will probably get another 10-15 pounds. I've also picked a bunch of peppers. I'm going to adventure into the world of canning tomatoes. I did some pickles and pickled peppers last year, so hopefully it won't be too difficult. I guess the thing I' least excited for it peeling all the tomatoes. It will be worth it though, because we love tomatoes around here. The rest of the main garden is really on it's last leg. Bugs got to the cucumbers and the zucchini, but we are getting some seeds out of them for next year. We also have a lot of bean seeds coming for next year. Our other beds are doing well. The 6 rows of beans are still growing, and the peanuts have come up in force. We even planted some dent corn out there that has come up. Amazingly I don't have pictures of those for this post. Our sweet corn is doing well, it's nearly as tall as I am. The squash and watermelon didn't do as well in that bed as we'd hoped, oh well. We learn some more stuff every year about what works and what doesn't. Some day we'll get it right. We still have time to get our winter crops in within the next 6 weeks. Here are some pictures of the tomatoes and peppers: The chickens are doing well. We lost one on Friday. Hubby went to put them to bed and one was dead in the garden. We think he got stuck and panicked and gave himself a heart attack, because there weren't any critter markings on him. We've fully integrated Fred back into the meat flock. He is looking pretty sad because they've pulled out all his head feathers again. At this point we are just going to leave him, because we don't want to separate him again. He's a funny chicken, fairly anti-social for a chicken. One of the dark Cornish hens hangs around with him on occasion. We think all the roosters have begun to crow, or are at least trying to. It's pretty funny to be out there when they all start in.

Sewing, sewing, and more sewing. There has been a frenzy of sewing going on. Last week another friend had a baby shower, so I whipped up a couple of receiving blankets for here. I've also been working on 4 diaper bags for a local boutique that's opening next month. It will be mostly consignment. I'm excited to get my stuff out there locally. I've also been looking for and trying new patterns. I attempted a wallet, and it turned out okay. Not my favorite, but it functions. Here are some pictures of the projects I've been working on:These are the receiving blankets. One is a cute blue cotton print with light blue flannel. The other is a cute jungle print flannel, and a brown print cotton.Here is the diaper bag. I had this cute plaid flannel, and some black vinyl coated Nylon webbing. I think it turned out way cute.Here is my wallet. I found some cute yellow prints and this awesome metallic fabric and this is what it turned into.
Well, the month is only half over, and I've still a bunch of stuff to do. I have three more diaper bags, a purse, and a dance bag to sew, plus any of the many clothing patterns I've been staring at for a couple of weeks. Canning, of course. And the upcoming trip to Nauvoo, Illinois with our church youth (just me, Hubby get's to stay home and work). Back to the grind.


Ron said...

Nice tomatoes and peppers! I can hardly wait for mine to get serious. We throw toms in boiling water for a minute till the skins crack, then dump in the sink in cool water. Skins slip right off. Have fun!