Friday, June 12, 2009

Picture This!

I was outside yesterday morning with the camera. I only meant to take updated pictures of the garden, but it was such a beautiful morning so I just went hog wild. The following is a few of the pictures I took with updated information on the happenings in our world.
One great thing about going to check on the chickens, is they are always excited to see us, but that's usually because we have something fun to give them. They are almost full gown now. The are really enjoying their run. It's fun to watch them run from one end to the other.
Here is Fred, he's doing well. His head feathers are about 1 1/2 inches long now. He is walking better (as much as he can in the pet carrier). We are trying to figure out a way to get him outside and safe. He's about half the size of the others, so he's the most vulnerable. For now, he's content as long as we keep him stocked full of scratch grains.
The turtles have finally come out (mostly because Duke had gone inside). I think it's the same one we've seen for the last couple of years. He wasn't too excited about me taking pictures of him because he hissed at me, but that didn't stop me.Here is a picture of the beans that Hubby planted last Saturday, they are already an inch tall. The soil on the other side of the driveway is awesome, and it got a lot of water.Here is the main garden. It's growing so well. We are starting to see the beginnings of food to eat. The Roma tomatoes are going full board. Hubby said that they will all come in at the same time so I'll just be canning for about 2-4 weeks. I'm really looking forward to having fresh tomatoes to eat this summer.This is our first zucchini. With the rain we're getting today, hopefully the first part of next week they will be ready. I'm going to try my hand at zucchini bread. It can't be much harder than banana, so I'm good to go.This is the first of our Yukon Gold Potatoes. We are going to have them for dinner on Sunday. I'm looking forward to eating the fruits of our labor.This is a volunteer spaghetti squash plant that is growing near the storage building. Hubby and his Dad modified an old electric chipper, and put in our leftover squash from last year, well some of the seeds have sprouted. We are just going to leave it and see what happens.
Here is the rest of the seeds from the chipper incident. They are growing out of our compost heap. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to eat anything we get from there, but Hubby wants to see if the produce food. I guess the chickens will be eating pretty good off that.Here is our sweet corn field. We haven't gotten to our dent corn yet, but we are excited about our sweet corn. This is our second planting. The first one got burnt by the fertilizer, and then washed away in the rain we got the week straight after we planted it. Hubby also planted some melon, and summer squash at the end of the plot, so more fun, yummy food.We found some volunteer dent corn in the spetic field. We are going to let them go and see how far they get. There are six stalks.One beautiful this about this year is all the daisies that came up. Most of them are small, but I love dasies so it's nice to look out and see them.
I guess that's all for now on my picutre update.


Ron said...

Enjoyed all the photos!

Your tomatoes look terrific, mine are quite a bit behind this year. Potatoes look terrific too! The whole garden looks great.

It sure is nice to finally be getting fresh produce!


Scott and Nicole albertson said...

Wow! Your garden is beautiful! I'm a little jealous of all the yummy fresh veggis that you will have. You guys are amazing!