Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our World on a Saturday Morning

This particular Saturday morning is full of noises, so I thought I'd capture the more quite parts of my day. The noises are coming from Hubby, his Dad, and a friend. They are all working hard at getting the property trimmed and cleaned up for the summer. It's beginning to look like a park around here.
As my usual I walked around with the camera and pretty much took lots of pictures of things around me. Here are my findings:
We got Fred a new temporary house. He had outgrown the pet carrier. I think he likes it better. We are thinking that once we get the new chicken coop build we are going to put him in the chicken tractor. The nearly fully grown babies were out enjoying the shade before it gets too hot. Hopefully we'll be getting eggs from the females in a couple of months or less.Our solo egg layer was getting pretty lonely so we took the most aggressive male and put him in with her. He was starting to get randy with the other chickens, so hopefully he will calm down. Hubby has named the female Henryetta, and the male (with help from his Dad), Casanova. I was watching them earlier, and he doesn't seem to like her, but she's been following him around since we paired them up. The garden is really starting to blow up. We have so many green tomatoes. I'm trying to psych myself up for the canning of all those tomatoes. The green beans have started to come it, and we harvested all our garlic and hung it up to dry. I'm so excited for fresh vegetables all summer.Hubby also planted some peanuts we picked up at the grocery store. Well they've decided that they want to grow. It's fun to try different things and see what comes of them.
The sweet corn is doing well. It's a little over a foot tall.This is our St. John's Wart. We planted it last year, and we thought that it had died. It came back with a vengeance. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.
Through my walk around the property, my artsy side came out. I saw this branch in the driveway, so I took a picture.Duke has been loving the hot weather, especially if he gets to be outside with Hubby or his Dad. I was playing fetch with him (even though I have to tug the ball from his mouth), and he's getting good at catching the ball in the air. Plus it's funny to watch him scramble if he misses it.Hubby's Dad found another turtle. He was pretty sure he didn't like the brush mower going in the grass. The only good (non-blurry) picture I got was of its cute tail. So I'll just end my entry here. More updates as they happen.


Ron said...

Love the photos! We're psyching up for canning season here too. We know we need a heck of a lot more salsa this year!

Your garden is looking great!