Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Fun, Interesting, and Good Clean Fun.

Not Fun: This week has been full of lots of different happenings. After last weeks chicken mayhem, we went out and bough some more plastic chicken wire to cover all the holes in the new fencing. We also got some metal hardware cloth to put under the babies house. We did catch one raccoon, but haven't caught anything else. We've been pretty consistent in locking up all the chickens at night. We'll we got home fairly late on Saturday night (story to come), and didn't get the big chickens locked up. Unfortunately 6am came and Hubby found lots of feathers, one dead chicken, and one who flew the coop into the garden. The trap was set, but it was by the babies, so the critter avoided it. I am really disliking waking up, and having to deal with dead chickens right before we are supposed to go to church. We are working on more diligence, and more protection this week again. We locked up all the chickens before we left for church to insure there wouldn't be dead ones waiting for us.
Interesting: After church, Hubby went and let out the chickens and gathered eggs. He came back laughing. He handed me the eggs, and stated "The chickens must have gotten the brown scared off their eggs today."Starting from the top left and going clockwise, are the three we got yesterday. The forth one is one from Saturday. You can see the difference in them. The lightest one is nearly pure white.Here are some others from Saturday and Sunday. We've also been getting speckled ones.
I guess we'll have to see what we get today.
Good Clean Fun: So we have a Girls Night Out we try to do every month. Well Saturday was that night. We did a luau theme. Me loving an opportunity to dress up, made myself a coconut bra. Hubby was very supportive in my endeavor and even found the perfect material. We bought a $3 Coconut fiber basket that you put hanging plants in. I cut circles, and then made cones. In the end it was kind of Madonna-esk, but it was funny.


Ron said...

"Scared the brown off of them..." haha, that is hilarious. I love it. :)