Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inherited Sewing Skills

As my Mom and I have been working on the business, I wanted to share with everyone where I got my sewing skills from. My wonderful Mother. She is wicked fast at getting things sewn. I'm more of a one project at a time kind of person. I wanted to post some of the pictures of things she has been working on, plus it will give everyone a better idea of our wide range of craftiness.

Here are some burp clothes. They are flanel on one side, and terry cloth on the other.
Here is an eyelet blessing/christening dress. I think it's about a 3mo. size.

We have been inspired by a lady (Camp Follower Bags) that does military bags and purses, so this is our version of military inspired bags.

A long time ago, I used to dance West Coast Swing, and my Mom still does. Well she designed these shoe bags about seven years ago, so now they come in camouflage as well as black. They call be personalized if you had a family member that served in our Military.

This is the tote bag that my mom did. Her Father and my Grandfather served in the US Navy. I am currently working on a bag that I lovingly call my 'Navy Purse', that is more historically accurate. I love my Grandfather and want so show my pride in his service for this country and our freedom.
Just remember that everything you see her and more can be customized and made to fit you and your needs.


Rebecca said...

Do you need Cammis for these? Dan has a bunch of the old style cammis that he can't wear any more. I can send them to you if you are interested.