Monday, May 11, 2009

Run Chicken, Run

What can you do with hog panels, t-posts, and zip-ties?
We made a chicken run for the babies tonight. Hubby helped a friend last weekend and was able to get 4-16foot hog panels, and about 26 or so heavy duty t-posts. The baby chickens needed more space, because they keep growing, so we lined one side up to the garden and went for it. The chickens love it! They were running, and 'flying', and boy did they love the weeds. We were finally able to count them again to see how many of each we have since we ended up with an extra, and two died. There are 6 Rhode Island Red males, and 4 females (we figure that first one we lost was a female), 4 Dark Cornish males, and 5 females (we lost a male about six weeks ago), 5 Buff Orpington females, and 1 Fred (he's a White Crested Black Polish Bantam). Poor Fred kept getting picked on so we separated him, and he's now in the building, inside the cat carrier, on top of the freezer. I think he's lonely, but I want his head feathers to finally grow in and for him to stop limping. We are thinking that as we are able to get more hog panels we can just extend the run around the garden.
Back to the grind and getting stuff done.