Sunday, May 10, 2009

Room to Grow

The Garden Update
This week has been busy with trying to get stuff done in every aspect. One thing that we really have been working on is getting the garden in and going. We took the big area closest to the trailer and planted half of it with corn. Hubby tried his hand at all human driven tools. He used our high wheel cultivator to get up the weeds, then he made his own furrow to level the dirt, and finally he used the cool seeder that we got from my father for our birthdays. It worked out so great. It was muddy, so I followed behind Hubby and covered the seeds. We are going to have lots of sweet corn and we are so excited. We finished using the space in the main garden. We have lots of onions, garlic, potatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), tomatoes, green beans, peas, lettuce, and cucumbers. We are looking forward to really get our canning skills up. Here are some updated pictures that I took yesterday.The main garden is about 1200 sq feet. We did rows this year because it's easier to use the high wheel cultivator. We are still working on getting the fence put back up. We also need to make supports for the beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes. These are the potatoes that we planted back in January. The ice storm killed the tops, but all the rain we've been getting has really made them grow.These are the onions we planted back in January as well, they are a little bit bigger than green onion size, and they are so good.Here is all the mesclun mix that Hubby planted. We'll be eating lots of salad in a couple weeks or so. I'm especially looking foward to all the romaine that he planted.
We still have to get in our watermelons, squash, and dent corn, milo, and other grain to feed chickens. We have a lot more room, so no need to worry there.

Sewing Update
We are still working on getting the website up. It's been a lot of fun to work on, finding pictures, and picking patterns. My little brother finally gave his wife the bag I made, so I can put the picture of it up. It turned out really cute, and my sister-in-law liked it.I used black satin for the outside with a ribbon accent.I used the same material from my big pick purse for the inside, because pink is one of her favorite colors.This one shows the difference between the large size (big pink purse), and the small size (black purse).
I guess that's all the updating for now. I hope you all have a nice Mother's Day.