Sunday, May 10, 2009


First I'd like to wish all the Mother's in my life (biological, step, in-laws, grandmothers, adopted, and every other way) a Happy Mother's Day!
Although I'm not a mother yet, Hubby went out and picked me a beautiful bouquet with flowers around the property. He said each flower represents something that he loves about me. I love my husband dearly and and can't wait to make him a father.I was looking through some old pictures, so I thought I'd put some of my favorite of my grandmother , and mother up. I truly admire both of these women in my life and am grateful to call them my family. I want to thank them for giving me something to work towards becoming when I have children of my own.My grandmother, Mary in high school.My Mother, Kay in high school.4 Generations, my great-grandmother, Ruby, grandmother-Mary, Mother-Kay, and me.My favorite picture of me and my Mom.My mother with all us kids, Scott, Wendy, Tim, and me.My Mother, sister-Wendy, and me.
My mom, and step-dad Eric.My Grandparents.

I come from a great family of hard working women. I love all of them, and are grateful for everything they do for us.


Kim Jones said...

Stephanie....That bouquet and what is represents is just beautiful! I look so forward to being around to witness the day you and Brent welcome your first child! You are an awesome person! Your family pics are beautiful!