Friday, May 29, 2009

Half Way There

I finished the top of my king sized quilt yesterday. It looks awesome, considering I'm a perfectionist and there are several things that will drive me nuts for a while. But hey, my skills are improving, and that's all I can ask for. Now I have to figure out how heavy to make it (Hubby want's it winter heavy), but we'll see what I can actually fit in my machine to quilt it. I am really liking the design, and am reminded why I don't make huge quilts all the time. It's tedious, and my back is sore. Oh well, the end product is worth it for at least a few more years until I get another quilting bug. As always I'll post picture, and more as things happen.


Jolley's said...

woah, that is one gorgeous quilt! That must've taken SOOOOO long to make! I'm sure you're feelin' pretty proud right now! Nice work!

Woody said...

cool design..