Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rag Quilts

I finished my friends Rag Quilt, so I thought I'd post some pictures of it and others that I have done. I use cotton: broad cloth, prints, flannel, etc. It fluffs the best in the dryer.I used Cotton for the solid colors, and the flower print is flannel. This is the second one I made. I used all Embroidered Linen. It wrinkles a lot more than regular cotton does, but it's much softer. This blanket has been through the washing waching quiet a few times.This is my favorite, because the green cotton plaid on the back is my favorite color. I used all cotton, a couple of prints, and a few solids.This one was fun. I used 3 shades of Blue Corduroy on the back. The front was a mixture of cotton solids, and prints, and a white sheer, that turned light blue because of the back fabric.

The Rag Quilts about about 34-35" square. They are going for $35+ depending on the fabric. The standard base is a flannel print and cotton solids. Each one is unique and custom, as I do random patterning for the front side.