Friday, April 3, 2009

Purses 'R Me

I thought I'd write about something other than the chickens. I know it's an amazing concept!
This week has been full of sewing. I've made 3 beautiful purses, two for a fundraiser, and 1 for a family member (picture to come, as it is a present and they haven't received it yet). They turned out awesome (if I do say so myself). I was inspired by this said family member to do a smaller version of my big pink purse. So, I made an 8ish x 9ish inch bag of the same style. If any of y'all want one, they will run about $20 or so depending on the fabric. If you send me the fabric, then it will just be notions and labor costs. They are great for nights out, or those of you that don't have as much stuff in your purse that I do. It's been a blast expanding my skill set, and also having some creative wiggle room for the designs and details. So here are the pictures.This is a shot of the labels I made and ironed on.

Green is my favorite color, so I really enjoyed making this one. It has dark blue denim on the outside and the cute modern plaid on the inside and a detailed band on the outside.

This one has dark brown faux suede/micro fiber on the outside and a cute chocolate and blue flower print on the inside. I felt it really didn't need any outside detail.When the other purse has been given I will post pictures of it, and also the sizing difference with me big pink bag.