Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ode to Delicious the Giant Chicken

It is the end of the reign of Delicious the Giant Chicken. Yesterday, Hubby and his dad butchered Delicious. It was kind of sad to see him go, but it was time. We were worried about his heart and lungs trying to support his huge body. I would just like to say how grateful I am that Heavenly Father put animals on the earth for us to eat and live off of. It is a blessing to be able to raise chickens for food. We know what they are eating, and we treat them with as much kindness as we can. Delicious was part of our family for so long, being sad was only natural. Here are some pictures documenting Delicious' life.
About a week or so after we got him and the other 'older' chickens in September 2008.

Delicious was the smallest of the Cornish Cross, and the most curious. I guess that's why he was able to stay around to long (for a chickens life span).Delicious checking us out in their new coop.Delicious giving us the eye in their new area by the garden.Tromping around the yard, with his ladies nearby.
The Delicious and Duke Stand-off. Delicious never did get ornery with Duke. Alan says it's because Delicious had a good view of Duke's teeth.Delicious could barely get up the ramp and into the coop.Death Row. We had to separate him for 24 hours before the butchering to clean out his system.Delicious the Giant "Turkey"? This is my 12x15 inch glass casserole dish. He fills it up completely.
We'd like to thank Delicious for his life, and hopefully he'll live up to his name.


Spencer said...
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Spencer said...

It reminds me of how fat Rachel was there for a while; it looked like her legs were there for show only poking out of her fat body.

I've always wondered if I could eat something like a chicken or cow that was raised in front of my eyes instead of bought at a grocery store. Maybe I'll never have to find out....

Just the 2 of us said...

Too funny girlie! Do you have one named biscut, gravy or finger lick'n, possibly even honey-LOL!! You are far better than I, I could not do the butchering/defeathering or what have you. I think I'd faint or up-chuck =I sorry for the visual there Steph! I hope your doing well & I love your blog- IT ROCKS just like you;)