Sunday, March 15, 2009

A New Calling

I'm so excited to announce that Hubby has been called to be the Elder's Quorum President in our ward.
I just want to tell everyone how proud I am of him, that he is worthy to hold such a calling of responsibility. As many or most of you all know what a generous, kind, and giving man he is, he will do his best and be blessed for it. I truly have a testimony of the gospel and of the Priesthood and the importance that it is in our lives. It has blessed our family and those around us, that Hubby is a worthy Priesthood holder. I know that Hubby will do awesome in his calling, and he has some awesome counselors to support him. It was also a great blessing for him to have been in the Presidency these last 9 months, and to serve with some great men, who helped teach him the ropes. It can only get better from here.


Jolley's said...

Brent does have just the right personality for the calling. How exciting!