Sunday, March 8, 2009

Free Range Chickens

Of all the things to do on a Sunday afternoon: Nap (one of my personal favorites), visit people, spend time with family, and so on. One thing I didn't think I'd do would be chasing, herding, and catching loose chickens.
Hubby and I always look to check on the chickens when we've been somewhere and are coming back. Today was no different in that aspect, except we noticed that the 'big' chickens were on the wrong side of their house. We promptly jumped out of the car, rushed (carefully) over to the chickens to find that three out of five, had gotten out of the fencing. Fairly perplexed about this (since there aren't noticeable holes and the fence was how we'd left it), we looked around for a possible reason. To our surprise the pea brained chickens found a weakness in Hubby's fence.
Now how do we get the chickens back into their area without hurting them or scaring them away. Corn! Let's bribe them back in. Wrong! One did manage to find the original hole and snuck back in before Hubby got back with the corn. Once the corn didn't work, I found myself following the two remaining chickens around the outside of the fence hoping they would find the same hole. Five minutes later, and several rounds of ring around the fence, one more found the whole. The last one, distraught and distracted didn't notice me swoop in and grab her. Hubby opened the fence and I put her safely inside.
Now I think I'll pick my favorite Sunday afternoon activity, a Nap.