Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chickens and Eggs

Many of you know that we have chickens. And many have been asking if/when we are getting eggs.

We are now getting eggs!

Hubby was outside checking on the chickens and feeding them scratch grains, when he decided to check inside their house. HE FOUND 8 EGGS!!!! He came in the house hollering at me to see what he found. He had them in his shirt. We cleaned them off, and of course I had to take pictures. We were so excited that we had to open them up and see how they turned out.

A couple of them were less than desirable (they had spots, which is common for first eggs), so we cooked those, plus most of the rest, up and fed them to Duke. We cooked three up and Hubby ate most of them, and I tried them. We figured we had to get over the mind set sooner or later. They were different than store bought, in a good way. The whites were a lot thicker, and the yokes are a lot more yellow and rounded. The reason for the difference is what we feed them. Our chickens are what you would call free-range, and we feed them a lot more grass than chicken raised for commercial use. We are so excited to finally see things changing.

Again, this morning we decided to check and see if there were more eggs. Well, we found Henrietta actively laying an egg, so now we know at least one of the birds that are laying. It was neat to find it. One of the interesting things that most of us may not thing about is that the egg was still warm, it was definitely 'very fresh'.

Hubby pulled out his chicken dictionary to find out what size the eggs are rated at. They are about Medium sized eggs. They will get bigger as the chickens get older. Hubby even said they would get jumbo sized, but there will be less of them. At the end of their egg laying cycle they become chicken and dumplings.
So, if any of y'all come to visit we'll let you experience picking fresh eggs, amongst other things to do here.


Rebecca said...

How fun! I want chickens and a cow. Actually, I want my own self sufficient compound!

Brett, Kate and Austin said...

Ooo, ooo! I want fresh eggs!

PS. How are you feeling? Getting better?

Toni said...

That's so funny that you said you had to eventually get over the mindset because that is exactly the way I feel. Of course farm fresh eggs are way better than ones you buy at the store, so why am I so afraid of them?!? I have enjoyed reading your adventures, we are actually getting ready to buy some chickens too. Hunter (3 yr. old) wants chickens so bad he can't stand it. Thanks for sharing.