Monday, February 23, 2009

The Call!

I was out running errands this afternoon, when Brent called and asked me to go to the post office to pick up chickens. We knew they were coming some time this week, but not today. I walked into the post office and told them that my husband called and said I needed to pick up a box of chickens. The lady kind of smiled and went to the back room. I heard chirping, and it got louder. I was handed a 10x10ish sized box that was chirping. I was so excited about our new arrivals. When I got back home, I found Brent in the building setting up the kiddie pool for our newest additions.
We received 26 brand spanking new chickens (born on the 20th), mailed to us, from McMurray Hatchery ( We got 10 Rhode Island Reds (5 male and 5 female), they are like the ones that we got last September that are now laying eggs, we got 10 Dark Cornish (5 male, and 5 female) these are good meat birds, but will also give us eggs, 5 Buff Orpington (all females) these are good mothers and will be the ones we use to raise the chicks in the future, and with each order of 25 you get a free specialty bird. Our little surprise is a White Crested Black Polish. It will have black body feathers, and a 'top hat' of white feathers. We think it is also a Bantam (it's smaller than the others), which is essentially a mini chicken. It will not be bigger than a pound. I've named it (not sure on the sex) Fred.
We did have a loss. I was sad and even cried. We lost one of the Rhode Island Reds. I know it's silly to cry over a baby chicken that you just got, but it's still a baby. Brent said it was normal to have losses, but that doesn't make it any easier. It was still a living creature.

Of course I took pictures:This is the box that they came in. It was jam packed full, and they were all crowding together to stay warm.This is the Rhode Island Red chick. This is the Dark Cornish. They have black marks on their backs and heads.This is the Buff Orpington. As adults they stay this tan color.This is Fred, our White Creasted Black Polish. His/her body will have all black feathers, but it's head will have white feathers. If it's a male the feathers will be longer, if it's a female the feathers will stay in a poof that it is now.They are very little, and very cute. If anyone wants to come and visit our new additions just let us know and we can make arrangements.