Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Last Wedding

Our trip to Texas and back.

Many of you know that we went to Texas for my older brother, Tim's Wedding. We went down early to spend some time with a friend of Hubby's that lives in North Austin. Although we were extremely tired (Hubby didn't get any sleep before we left) we still had some fun. They have a tradition to have fondue on New Year's Eve. We had cheese, meat, and of course chocolate. We also got to play Rock Band, and Catch phrase.
The wedding was on Friday, January 2nd at the courthouse in Texas. It was pretty simple, but very nice. I'm including some pictures of the highlights.

The first one is of Older Bro and Wife before the wedding, they were very nervous and excited. This one is of all my siblings, and me before the wedding.

Our parents like to have lots of pictures. This one is of us siblings and the spouses that were present. We are missing my sister's husband, and my little brother's wife.

Here is one of our parents: the first is of
my Mom, and step-Dad.

The second is of my Dad and step-Mom,. The last two pictures are two of my favorite moments.

The first is of Older Bro trying to get on Lil' Bro's back, and the comments that everyone was making. You'll have to ask us about why my sister looks like she is going to bust a gut.

The second is of us haning out at the recption. Lil Bro likes to make funny faces, so Hubby joined in.

If you would like to see more pictures you can go here:

Some highlights of our drive. It was an experience driving to Texas. We didn't know what to expect because we'd never gone south before. The thirty miles south of us were the craziest. The road is described by a sign as 'Very curvy and steep'. On the way home to entertain ourselves and stay alert, we counted the curve signs. There were 36 squiggly signs, and 31 mixed turn/curve signs consisting of 90 degree arrows, straight arrows, U-Turns, and a few double 90 degree arrows. It was interesting and a bit scary to drive that bit of road in the dark twice.
The weather was awesome while we were in Texas. It went from about 65 on Wednesday when we got there to 85 on Saturday when we left. It was especially nice to see my Mom, and the rest of my family, and I'm glad that Hubby was able to come with me this time.

We hope you all had a Happy New Year, and here's to making 2009 an even better year than 2008.