Monday, January 5, 2009

Delicious the Giant Chicken

So, we got home from Texas and Hubby went to check on the chickens to make sure they all got in their house and had enough water. He came back in the house and told me to grab the camera because Delicious and Dinner (our meat birds), weren't in the house. I followed Hubby outside to find that Delicious was so big he couldn't get up the ramp and into the house. We think that Dinner was keeping him company. (Okay, I know we are weird because we named the chickens we are going to eat, but it's a way to tell them apart and they are food names.)
Here is what we found. He's the one with the brown feathers on his wings, and Dinner is the other one.It's kind of disturbing, and funny at the same time. I guess we just weren't expecting him to get that big. We think he has another type of bird in him because he is supposed to be all white. He is going to make a lot of canned chicken when we are ready to kill him.

We weren't satisfied looking through the fence because it doesn't show exactly, or relatively how big he is. In the morning we went out and Hubby 'tried' to pick him up, but didn't want to hurt him because he's o
huge. Here are the pictures of the morning encounter with the Giant chicken.

Hubby just pinned him so I could take a picture.

Here is Duke wanting to get to Delicious, and Delicious just wants to get away.

So now we have a Giant Chicken, and I think we are going to charge admission for in-person visits to see our side show. Maybe we'll have to have a party in honor of Delicious when he's reached the end of his life. Who knows? We just have to put him on a diet for now.


The Jordan's said...

Some how that is disturbing, but also totally understanding! Which might mean I am disturbed also. HeHe. He is a very BIG Chicken, I know, cuz my father in law has chicken's and they never get that big! Well I hope when it comes to the end of his life that you have a very yummy Chicken "Dinner"

Brett, Kate and Austin said...

Mmmm...Delicious! ;)