Thursday, January 22, 2009

450 miles driven in a Week!

Holy Macaroni and Cheese! So we got back on Tuesday from our week in Utah, and boy what a week. We got a lot accomplished and got to see a lot of our families and some friends.

I'll give all y'all a basic break down of how it went:
We left our house at 2am, early Wednesday morning to catch a 7am flight in Little Rock. We actually got there early enough to catch a 5:40 flight and arrived in Dallas earlier. Once in Dallas we couldn't get an earlier flight without our bags, so we just chilled in Dallas for 4 hours. We tried to take some naps, but that is always hard at the airport. We arrived in Salt Lake and drove down to Pleasant Grove to stay with work a co-worker/friend for a couple of nights. We were able to spend time with him and his fun family. And of course the little kids gravitated to Hubby and wanted to play with him. Hubby obliged, because he loves kids.
Thursday we were in the office, and then dinner with Hubby's family in Orem. On Friday we were in the office again, and then headed up to North Salt Lake to have dinner with Hubby's sister, her husband, and a friend of Hubby's. It was a blast, we laughed a lot, reminisced about old times, and caught up on each others lives.
Saturday morning we were able to go to the Timpanogis Temple with Hubby's mom, and step-Dad. It was so nice and relaxing. We just could avoid the temple with five temples in driving distance. It's something we both tried not to neglect while we lived in Utah, since we knew we'd live far away from one once we moved to Arkansas. After the Temple we did some shopping (not at the Walmart), and then headed to Saratoga Springs to spend the day with Hubby's family. We hung out with Hubby's brothers. One of his sisters and her kids, and Hubby' s Mom and step-Dad. I took advantage of Mom-in-Law being an esthetician and got a facial and a manicure. It was so relaxing and nice to spend some time holding still and catching up with Mom-in-Law. We made spaghetti carbonara, with salad and bread, for everyone and they all loved it. It was fun to see how much they've all grown. I made sure to take some pictures of everyone. It was also weird that Hubby isn't the tallest kid anymore, both Lil Bro #1 and Lil Bro #2 are taller than Hubby.

On Sunday, we headed back up to Salt Lake and went to church with my Dad, and step-Mom, along with my little brother, and his wife. My sister and her family met us at my Dad's house after church. We hung out there and laughed a lot. Hubby had fun with the kids again. I just laugh about going anywhere, if there are kids and/or animals they migrate to Hubby and he loves it.

Nephew and Sister looking at our pictures.

Hubby playing with Niece and Nephew.

Lil Bro taking a nap with his dog.

My sister-in-law playing with Niece and Nephew.

Monday we headed back down to Springville for more work. I did manage to get over to Hubby's sister's home and saw her new baby.

Hubby came down with a cold and didn't want to expose the baby, so he stayed at the office. It's so neat to see how much everyone has changed in the last nearly two years since we moved. Monday night we had dinner with everyone from work and their families. It was nice to have all the wives meet each other, and put faces to names. After dinner we headed back up to Salt Lake and hung out with Hubby's older sis. her Hubby, and a friend. Then began the process of packing. Hubby decided to bring home a bunch of computer stuff from the office, so I had to get another suitcase and pack it all up. Hubby was great and helped me get stuff sorted out so I could get it in the bags.
Tuesday morning came quickly and we were up at 4am to get to the airport and catch our flight at 6am. We had another layover in Dallas, but only 1 1/2 hours. We were back in Little Rock by 1pm central time. Then began our drive home. It actually went quicker in the daytime, thankfully. We picked up the dog, and made it home before 6pm. We mostly just chilled. I unpacked a little and made sure nothing got broken, and gratefully nothing did.
Over all it was a great trip, despite the 450 miles we put on the rental car, and the 4 different beds we slept in. We are both glad that we had that opportunity to go, but are glad to sleep in our own bed, with our fuzzy babies.