Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Simple Things.

So, this week has been a very busy one, and it got me thinking a lot about a lot of different things. I realized that I've been so caught up in the big picture and getting to the end game, that I forgot about all the simple things.
Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, because we get to celebrate and remember the birth of Christ, and what he did for all of us (at least those of us that have that belief). We didn't have a tree, and weren't planning on having one until we someday got our own house (no room at the trailer), but last Saturday we found ourselves standing at the Flippin Wal-Mart for nearly twenty minutes debating this injustice, and our stupidity. After much speculation, and mental budgeting, we agreed and spent $35 on a small, pre-lit three (sad I know, but some days $35 is a lot for us). Well, it made a bigger difference than Hubby or I thought it would. We've been so cheery all week. I've even started putting on Christmas music (I didn't do that last year.).

Here is a picture of our tree, it only took us a half an hour (I decorated, Hubby supervised, the cat watched, and the dog tried to eat everything that came out of my storage bin). Duke was very curious about all the ornaments, so I had to move them up from the bottom level so he couldn't get a hold of them. It took a few times of telling him 'no' for him to understand. Now he just ignores it like any other piece of furniture.
I also made us some stockings and put them on the wall since we don't have a fireplace. I've also taken to putting up everyone's cards they send us with, up on the wall.
This year we are planning on staying in Arkansas. It will be our first holiday at home, since we've been married. Kind of sad, but when you have two sets of divorced parents and lots of siblings, there are a lot of people to visit.
On to other small things: Nature has been quite impacting this week. I really don't like snow or being cold, but I love nature (minus most bugs). Last night the moon was the closest it can get to the earth, and completely full. I wish that I could have captured it on film, but no such luck. I love living out here where we can go outside and see all the stars.
Talents: I totally love having talents. It makes me feel good when I can put a God given talent to use, even if it's small. Hubby asked me to make a dog bed for Duke, since it was getting colder. It was so much fun, and both Hubby and Duke loved it. I am going to make one for inside as well. Duke is a great model when properly bribed and distracted by a treat (he's good at sit, lay down, stay, and wait for your treat).

Service: During Christmas we like to do something for someone who is less fortunate than ourselves (not to be boastful, it's just something we really enjoy doing). We usually try to give food to the food bank, or presents for kids that won't have Christmas otherwise. Both of us coming from poor families, people who did this for us impacted us a lot, that we like to repay it. This year money has been tight, and we were worried that that opportunity wouldn't come. After much praying and a bit of sadness at not having that ability, our prayers were answered. I think the best thing is seeing the look on someones face when they aren't expecting it. We were able to help a family that we know, so we got to see the look on their faces. To me any sacrifice we go through is worth it to see that look of pure love and gratitude. I just wish we could help more.
I think the most important and touching simple thing this week has been my husband, and his worthiness to hold the priesthood in our Church. He is the only Priesthood holder in our ward this far out. I think the next closest one is about 20 miles from us, and church is 30 miles from us. I just appreciate his ability and willingness to help not only me, and our family, but our friends and neighbors. He is a wonderful man, and would give anyone the shirt off his back.
That's all I can think of for now. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and remember what the season is all about, Love.


Rebecca said...

You rock! And we have that same tree. Its our third year having it up, and it still works for us! Someday we'll get something bigger, but there's no need to do it now.

It is also our first year to have Christmas alone, with no family at all. I'm feeling the need to start our own traditions, and I don't quite know what to do!

The Jordan's said...

I am so glad that you found me, I am very pleased to have you as a friend. You have such great talents and compassion! You sound like you married the right guy that complaiments you and your abilities as a Child of God.
We started to do Christmas at home about two years ago, and I do miss my family, but you just can't do it all the time, and I also wanted to start our own tradition as a Glenn and Camie Jordan Family. So we stay home and visit my family durning another part of December, and have Christmas morning with the kids at home. It's great to be able to spend time with just my little family of six, one and one time you know! Well I hop ethat you and your wonderful spouse have a Very Merry Christmas!!! xoxoxo Love - Camie

Jolley's said...

I love this post! You have such a great attitude and shed some great insight into the true meaning of Christmas. Wish we could somehow be together!