Monday, December 1, 2008

Nearly Year End Update.

Okay, so I'm finally joining 'this' world of blogging. I've been doing it for over a year now on our site and that seems to be too time consuming, so I'm starting on If you want to check out what we've been up to before this you can go there. There is also a lot more pictures as well.

As I realized that it was the first of December of 2008, I took the day to look back at the year. I thought of all thing things we'd done and been through, and my list kept growing. We've have many blessings to be grateful for, and some things still on our 'To Do' list. We've finally lived in a place (since we've been married) for more than a year, and we still love it here in Arkansas. The one thing we keep commenting on is that we are loving the seasons. In Utah and Arizona we didn't have such distinct seasons, and it was a very welcome change.

We added more to our family, and our "farm". We got another four-legged, fuzzy baby in March: Duke the Dog. He's an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix, and a bundle of energy. He will be a year this month, and is a great joy in our lives. He and Desi get along okay, she is the boss and he knows it, although that doesn't keep him from being curious about her. He is great at chewing everything up, and scaring the wildlife away. Desi is just as she always is. And Halloween this year was Brent's idea. Y'all might get a good laugh at them.

We've also been blessed with many opportunities to grow, and improve our talents and hobbies. We had an awesome garden this year, mostly thanks to Hubby's hard work and dedication to making it successful. It was great to eat fresh veggies from the garden, and I also learned that I like a lot more things than I was willing to admit. We're already making plans for next years layout, and improvements.

We also got some chickens in September. We got 4 Rhode Island Red-Egg Layers, and 4 Cornish Cross-Meat Birds. Brent gained a new skill on the 22nd of November and now we have 6 chickens instead of 8. It was really good chicken. I know some of you city folk might think we're nuts, but this is what we want to do, live on a farm and live as such with animals and vegetables we raise for food. It's something we are proud to know how to do.

I've been working on a lot of sewing. Living in the middle of nowhere and having Wal-Mart as my only shopping option really forced me to develop my craft. I make a lot of my own clothing (except jeans), especially what I wear to church. I've started to make plus size clothing for some friends in town, and am hoping to make money at that. Also my mom and I started (in process) our own sewing business for children, and special occasions. Although our website isn't up yet it will be: . I'll let everyone know when we are officially ready for business, but in the mean time if there is anything anybody needs, you can email me (

Church is going well. Hubby was released from primary early in the year and called to be the second counselor in the Elders Quroum. I'm still in primary. I've been the CTR 6 teacher for more than a year now. It's neat to see how the kids grow, and what they actually listen to. It's been a great experience in patience, and learning how kids respond to different forms of reward and discipline. Another great plus in working in the primary is all the great friends I've made. I've really enjoy making friends again. I guess I didn't realize how much I missed having local friends. It's not to say my old friends are replaced, but it is just being present in my life, and going forward.

Our most recent activities include having Hubby's Dad down every month or so. They both worked hard on getting a bathroom in the storage building, the lights up, and gravel around almost all of the driveway. I want to let them know that I really appreciate all the hard work they do to make our lives easier. For Thanksgiving this year we headed up to Chicago where we met up with Hubby's Sister, and step-brother's who live in Chicago, as well as Hubby's Dad and step-mom. We had a blast with everyone. We brought our Wii up and the nephews had a blast with the bowling and Mario Kart. This year for Christmas we are going to stay in Arkansas. Along with being expensive to travel, we decided to have a holiday with the two of us (since we haven't had one since we've been married). It will be nice not to have to deal with traffic, and crazy people. For New Year's we will be heading to Austin, Texas where my older brother will be getting married on the 2nd of January. It will be nice to see my side of the family, since it's been more than a year.

Still on our 'To Do' list: Although we haven't given up trying, we still haven't been blessed with a child. Heartache in that area has been common this year. I know that Heavenly Father has promised me that blessing, and that I need to be patient and wait for his time. Both Hubby and I are looking forward to the wonders and blessings that being parents will bring into our lives. Plus all of our friends and families that have suffered with us, will be very quick to support and spoil any little ones that come along.

I just want everyone to know (all our friends and family), that we love you and are glad you are in our lives. I hope you all enjoy looking through the window into Our World, and our little piece of Heaven.


Rebecca said...

I want to be you! I totally want to live on a farm with a big garden and have chickens. I am jealous that you get to do that. And I'm impressed you can sew clothes. Someday......

Brett and Leslie Kingrey said...

I'm so glad you're on here! :) Lookin forward to GNO this Friday!